I’m merging Political photography with the world of crypto, the blockchain, for the first time in history.

Politics is one of the oldest staples of modern civilizations, certainly the oldest staple of every democracy, whilst NFTs and blockchain technologies are among the newest integrations in modern life.

For the first time ever I am merging these two worlds — official political photography with NFTs — marking an important historical step for political photographers and digital creatives alike.

You can view the full world-first NFT collection here:

All listings currently in the Political Series above are set to an auction — the highest bid as of 5pm UTC, 20January 2021 will be automatically selected as the winner of…

It’s time we bring artists and collectors together into a definitive ‘creatives hub’.

Through my time as a royal and political photographer, involvement in DeFi and crypto, and my time as both an NFT collector and creator, I’ve seen growing and intense demand for one thing: a definitive creative and collector hub online.

Various galleries exist across the digital landscape, and there are pop-up events that unite different people together, but a definitive, permanent, self-sustaining camp, compound — area — isn’t yet established.

I want to change that.

With the help of my creative friends, my collector contacts, and other figures across the crypto sector, I want to spearhead the creation and maintenance…

Ten years after an early copy of one of Kanye West’s most celebrated albums ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ was leaked, protected by multiple passwords, fans have finally cracked it.

It was a Monday afternoon on 22 November 2010 that Kanye West released his fifth studio album after a self-imposed exile in Hawaii following a series of legal and public image controversies the year earlier.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was born, eventually earning West three Grammy’s among a tidal wave of other awards and nominations. It was worked on by Kid Cudi, Raekwon, Rihanna, Pusha T, Nicki Minaj, and dozens of other titans in the music world. But to the most die-hard fans, this wasn’t enough.

Throughout West’s career countless songs, albums and early copies have leaked, from as…

For about 3 weeks I’ve dealt with almost every symptom linked with COVID-19. It’s been utterly crippling.

In early March I had to catch a packed coach from Manchester at 4am after missing the last train home that night. Next to me was a man that couldn’t stop coughing and, towards the end of the journey, complained down his phone about a high fever.

Around four days later I developed the most common symptoms of coronavirus: the worst dry, tickling cough I’ve ever had in my life, and a fever that fluctuated between boiling hot and freezing cold within minutes.

It’s extremely likely I caught Coronavirus on this packed coach from Manchester. …

After The Duke and Duchess of Sussex released a shock statement last night, announcing their step-back from senior royal roles, a small section in their heavily detailed new website jumped out to me – the royal couple would begin to involve grassroots news organisations and young journalists more often as they revise their media approach through Spring 2020.

They write: In the spring of 2020, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be adopting a revised media approach to ensure diverse and open access to their work. This adjustment will be a phased approach as they settle into the new…

2019 has been one of those really strange years when you sit back and look on everything that has happened. We’ve had two Prime Ministers, a new royal baby, countless breaking news events, Brexit debates as fiery as ever, and plenty of controversies.

It marked the year I tracked the new SussexRoyal Instagram account and was first to break the news it had broken a World Record, I photographed the reaction to the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ first baby in London and Windsor (despite the rain!), …

Users of the Apex Legends subreddit were left shocked and outraged last night as two Respawn developers called gamers “dicks”, suggested they were “ass-hats” and described them as “freeloaders” in unfiltered public comments.

Responding to overwhelming criticism to an official apology and step-back from the game’s recent controversial microtransaction changes in the Iron Crown event two Respawn developers, dk05 (a Respawn Project Lead) and Jayfresh_Respawn (the Respawn Community Manager), fired back with insults, sarcastic comments and attacks on the gaming community.

In one public comment responding to a reddit user, dk05 wrote: “Hey everyone – found the dick I was…

The day when Barack Hussein Obama made his first words as the first black President in United States history, the countries raw and unparalleled history of slavery, colonialism and racism saw its strongest light at the end of the tunnel. A man who, just because of the colour of his skin, decades prior would never hold the highest office became the world’s most powerful leader. A black man, a black role model, and a black leader with morals and values that ushered in an age of tolerance and progressivism. It was a landmark moment in modern history.

The day Nelson…

In August 2018, just a few months after the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle gripped the world, I wrote that the honeymoon period for the Duchess of Sussex was over before it ever began.

Almost a year since that sunny wedding in Windsor, things have become worse, and the general atmosphere around the majority of reports about the Duchess of Sussex has become indescribably hostile and toxic, with an unavoidable underlying tone of racism and anti-woman — misogynistic — attitudes.

During pregnancy, between 4–20% of women suffer prenatal depression in a time that should be stress-free…

Benjamin Wareing

Journalist and Photographer | Breaking News, Royalty, Politics, Celebrity and more

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