I’m merging Political photography with the world of crypto, the blockchain, for the first time in history.

It’s time we bring artists and collectors together into a definitive ‘creatives hub’.

Background image and logo assets courtesy of Decentraland

Ten years after an early copy of one of Kanye West’s most celebrated albums ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ was leaked, protected by multiple passwords, fans have finally cracked it.

Empty supermarket shelves in the West Midlands, UK as people panic buy due to a UK ‘lockdown’ implemented by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to stem the curve of Coronavirus cases and deaths. Credit: Benjamin Wareing

For about 3 weeks I’ve dealt with almost every symptom linked with COVID-19. It’s been utterly crippling.

14 January 2019. HRH The Duchess of Sussex smiles as she greets crowds of schoolchildren in Birkenhead. I love this photograph because, embedding myself within the crowd, I managed to speak to some amazing members of the public who had braved to cold in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the royal couple of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Duchess Meghan spoke excitedly with elderly local residents about her newest patronages, and joked with schoolchildren about potential names for their first baby. One joked ‘Amy’, which Meghan laughed and relayed back to her royal aide — also called Amy — who found the experience hilarious.

Image Via Respawn Entertainment

Newly released photograph of the Duke and Duchess’ son. Photo: Dominic Lipinski/ Press Association

Benjamin Wareing

Journalist and Photographer | Breaking News, Royalty, Politics, Celebrity and more

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